Want to bring Isobreaker to your community? Hosting an Isobreaker will give you a chance to see how amazingly cool the people in your community really are…. many have just been waiting for the invitation to come out and show their stuff.  

We are currently booking tentative dates for communities in the summer. But since there is no cost to change your dates, your How-To Package is valid and ready for whenever outdoor gathering restrictions are loosened. We suggest a minimum allowable threshold of 30 people in an outdoor gathering location.

Communities We Serve

  • Any urban communities within cities (e.g. Signal Hill, Lake Bonavista)
  • Communities within communities (e.g. Condo, seniors’ communities) provided they have sufficient outdoor spaces accessible.
  • Rural villages and small towns.
  • First nations communities.

Basic How-to Package: $399 + GST

Our how-to and branding kit outlines how to start your own Isobreaker in your community . This includes:

  • Consultations with our team as needed (phone/video/email)
  • Instructions on how to organize, social media posts, making  key field games, set up activities, map examples, signage templates.
  • Use of Isobreaker’s online registration
  • Listing of your Community Isobreaker on our isobreaker.ca website
  • A photo and video bank you can use for marketing on social media, posters, etc. (Or feel free to use your own).
  • Organic social-sharing onto our feeds.
  • Once your community has run one Isobreaker, additional Isobreakers cost only $159.
  • There is no additional charge to you if you need to postpone or move your date for any reason.

Booster Options

In case you are low on in-house volunteers to recruit participants and spread the word, we offer the following options to raise awareness in your community.

Online AdsAd creation + $60 in post-boosts (3 x $20) on Facebook from our Facebook page, targeted specifically to your community, to get participation and awareness/attendance.$60 unti Aug 31/21 
Pre-Show Booster PerformanceOutdoor Performance (suggested ~3-4 weeks prior to event) by one of Isobreaker’s well-established musical entertainers in a green space in your community.This breaks mindsets about performing in unusual spaces (like soccer fields) and gets the community excited to get in on the fun.  Includes an informational hype-raising talk about Isobreaker, and any guest speaker(s) you wish to include, or an opening act from your area.   We strongly suggest you share this on your community’s social channels prior, during and after the experience.Free until Aug 31/21
Pre-Show Booster JamTo build on the Pre-Show hype (~suggested 2 weeks prior to event) in your community– the outdoor jam is an experience where you can invite your local musicians/talents to participate with our musical performers. Includes PA/backline and soundman equipment for 6 – 8 jamming musicians at once.  Very useful for previewing what an Isobreaker will feel like, and encouraging participation.    If you supply a volunteer or two, we will also bring and help set up a family activity for young kids as well (e.g. pizza box toss course, or chuckwagons).$100 until Aug 31/21
Equipment Rental KitIf you don’t have the volunteer time to make your own supplies based on our instructions in the how-to kit, we can loan you a set of lawn-marker pinwheel signs, two 4’ x 6’ vinyl banners, social distancing signs and pylons, plus two sets of game supplies (chuckwagons + pizza box toss).  $60, pending availability
Signage KitIf you forsee your community doing several Isobreakers, purchasing a set of signage may be a good idea.  The following is included: 20 re-usable wooden pinwheels, 30 laminated/wooden social distancing/directional signs, 2 6’x 4’ vinyl banners with grommets.$535
Customized Tarps for Tarp AuctionIf you would like to use a tarp auction to get sponsors, but don’t have the resources to build your own chuckwagons (i.e. want to borrow ours), we can offer you the option to supply custom-branded tarps for your borrowed chuckwagons.  Each tarp can display up to 2 logos/chuckwagon, and there are two chuckwagons. This allows for 4 sponsors.  (As the cost of producing tarps is $75/tarp, we suggest you have a reserve bid of at least $38 for a half-tarp or $75 for a whole tarp.)  We have great photos of the chuckwagons you can use on social media.  This is a great way to get sponsorship from local businesses.  You may wish to announce your tarp auction when you announce your Isobreaker date, ideally 4 weeks prior to the date itself.  $75 each
Customized Isocar Decals for Isocar AuctionJust like the tarps, Isocars are pull-cars that look like little Nascars!  These are also available for sponsor decaling – and we can affix the decals with your sponsors’ logos right on the car.  Cost $50 per car, and there are 2 pull-cars. (Or, if you can make them yourself, feel free to do so).  Just one more option to get sponsorship.$50 each
Videography, PhotographyYou may be kicking yourself if you don’t capture your unforgettable experience.  We strongly suggest you seek out volunteer talent within your community, but if you want a professional video team, contact us, and we’ll give you a more precise quote based on depth of coverage you require.$1000 – $2000